My Ego Transformation


I can listen without fixing.

I can talk without creating an villan or an victim story about others or myself.

I can transform people without any advice, coaching or problem solving.

I can work without stress and deadlines.

I can see peoples egotrip without pointing it out to them unless they ask me to point it out for them.

I can request extraordinary leverage from partners, customers and myself without feeling like a bad or demanding person.

I can follow my inner timing instead of following my needs.

Before this year I couldn't do anything above on this list. I went in a sort of cocoon phase. Felt weaker, older, lower and heavier and I freaked out.

My inner voice said, "Do nothing. Just relax."

It was so unnatural to do nothing but watch Netflix for two months. My driven ego freakin freaked out. I commited to trust my inner voice.

After a while I started to feel stronger, younger, higher, lighter, clearer and more playful and energized.

I finally understood what happened. I just woke up after doing nothing. Nothingland was the end time of my cocoon phase. Think it started last year...

I no longer needed to control the outcomes and the developments of my business, my life and my relationships.

I was updated.

So now, I'm just here. I accept more, love more and understand more.

I'm a resource, a power and an miraculous being on planet earth.

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