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Photoshoot With Female Entrepreneurs In Stockholm

Updated: Mar 25

AMAZIIING DAY at Haymarket, Scandic Hotel with Photogenuiqe Academy led by Creative Director Marie-Therese Karlberg.

I've not been out for such a long time since corona, so it was so fun meeting everyone IRL today for an exclusive Personal Brand All-inclusive photoshoot.

In Sweden we can sit 4 people at each table in all restaurants now. Happy to be living in Sweden, without harsh lock downs and quranteens.

I also vlogged this day, but here comes some photos first!

Image from left: Mindi Lundqvist (Stylist), Marie-Therese Karlberg (Creative Director) and Tina Bjerke (Stylist & Pose Expert) and me Benjamas Pluma.

It's wonderful seeing women investing in their personal brand. I remember when I got my first personal branding photos, it helped made my business skyrocket, so I cannot say enough, how important it is to invest in great photography + strategy.

1 year ago me and Marie-Therese Karlberg packaged and strategized this photoshoot concept to help influencers, leaders and entrepreneurs get outstanding photos and dominate online.

I invited my VIP customers to get their personal brand images done, so we can optimize and faster up the positioning strategy online!

Image from left: Fiddeli Kluge (Entrepreneur & Owner of Time Out Studio), Patricia Chiriboga Strand (Relationship Expert & Founder of Evolutivas Love & Relationship Coaching Agency) and me, Benjamas Pluma.

Image from left: Mia Lindh (Entrepreneur & Founder of Soul Biz Woman Online Office) and me, Benjamas Pluma.

It was so professional - top notch service. We felt like rockstars today. Feel so honored and so thankful for this day.

Image from left: Me, Benjamas Pluma and Katja Goeller (Entrepreneur & Founder of Swedens first honey subscription home delivery Rebel Honey).

What a fantastic day. We're so thrilled we could meet up IRL!

Image from left: Carina Mannberg (Serial Entrepreneur & Founder of Spendida Beauty and Splendida Home Care) and me, Benjamas Pluma.

Me & Akram took photos for our new upcoming podcast. Can't wait to launch it.

Image from left: Akram Khammari and me, Benjamas Pluma.

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