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I'm a 7 Figure Entrepreneur, Mom & Business Strategist dedicated to inspire you to be more humble, powerful & wealthy in life and business.

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Meaningful Meetings That Opens The Heart ♥️

Updated: Mar 18

This month I've had amazing meetings with wonderful and so empowering women.

Awesome customers (female kickass entrepreneurs) .

Adventurous Female Businesses Owners.

Brave Female Authors.

Generous Female Experts.

Fantastic Female Partners.

Little did I know how much I have been isolating myself from fantastic people. OMG. To all powerful women out there. This is a big shout out!

Stop isolating yourself.

Reach out.


Don't talk business.

Get to know eachothers souls, hearts and journeys.

Be present.

Listen with your heart and you will never get bored.

Because. Sisters! We need eachother. ❤️

Are you a mom or an female entrepreneur? 


I have created a special business school just for you because I stand for that every family in the world has a financial free and happy female business owner "in house". 


-Benjamas Pluma, Founder of Ladylegend Media

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