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2 Ways To Improve Business & Relationships

Took a tour to Stockholm City and texted Jelena if she could come and take a fast Swedish Fika at the lovely pink coffee house "Gretas" at Haymarket with me.

She did.

We talked about love and relationships. How to access ourselves by becoming aware about our patterns from our childhood.

Both of us love deeper conversations. Love this about our relationship.

That we're brave enough to think and feel uncomfortable and vulnerable if we need to. Not supressing things and disguise it with "always happy".

In business we need to implement and extract our products and services. Do. Be out there and challenge our comfort zone. Test and see if our offer brings joy and improvement to peoples lives in the mercy of their feedback.

Relationships is another game.

You cannot throw yourself like a dice where acceptance and improvement is in the mercy of others. Nothing in yourself will truly transform or improve if I treat myself as a thing.

Instead I need to go the other way. Be brave enough to feel hurt, sad and lonely.

You need to talk with different hidden parts within. Find the shadows, wounds and all protective parts in yourself and say "I see you. I accept you. I love you."

Products and services need to be seperated from our self image and be thrown out there in the mercy of the markets feedback to make growth happen.

It took me a while to understand the totally different ways of improving my relationships and my business.

I tried to solve things in my relationships like I solve things in business.

Little did I know about how bad it works to handle people like "products" which I must improve to fit me and my values, when it does not work the way I want it to work.

Relationships is its own living organism. It's alive with its own feelings, needs, values and desires.

The beauty is to co-exist with our different interests, values and needs.

Love is not about fixing, improving and molding someone else to meet my best interests.

It's quite the opposite. It's about accepting, listening and understanding the other and yourself as equally important.

It's about making sure everybodys best interests is taken care of without exluding yourself or others.

It's an art of inclusion and to be emotionally safe and available.

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-Benjamas Pluma, Founder of Ladylegend Media

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