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Benjamas Pluma here. 


I'm a 7 Figure Entrepreneur, Mom & Business Strategist dedicated to inspire you to be more humble, powerful & wealthy in life and business. 

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I can listen without fixing.

I can talk without creating an villan or an victim story about others or myself.

I can transform people without any advice, coaching or problem solving.

I can work without stress and deadlines.

I can see peoples egotrip without pointing it out to them unless they ask me to point it out for them.

I can request extraordinary leverage from partners, customers and myself without feeling like a bad or demanding person.

I can follow my inner timing instead of following my needs.

Before this year I couldn't do anything above on this list. I went in a sort of cocoon phase. Felt weaker, older, lower and heavier and I freaked out.

My inner voice said, "Do nothing. Just relax."

It was so unnatural to do nothing but watch Netflix for two months. My driven ego freakin freaked out. I commited to trust my inner voice.

After a while I started to feel stronger, younger, higher, lighter, clearer and more playful and energized.

I finally understood what happened. I just woke up after doing nothing. Nothingland was the end time of my cocoon phase. Think it started last year...

I no longer needed to control the outcomes and the developments of my business, my life and my relationships.

I was updated.

So now, I'm just here. I accept more, love more and understand more.

I'm a resource, a power and an miraculous being on planet earth.

Updated: Mar 25

AMAZIIING DAY at Haymarket, Scandic Hotel with Photogenuiqe Academy led by Creative Director Marie-Therese Karlberg.

I've not been out for such a long time since corona, so it was so fun meeting everyone IRL today for an exclusive Personal Brand All-inclusive photoshoot.

In Sweden we can sit 4 people at each table in all restaurants now. Happy to be living in Sweden, without harsh lock downs and quranteens.

I also vlogged this day, but here comes some photos first!

Image from left: Mindi Lundqvist (Stylist), Marie-Therese Karlberg (Creative Director) and Tina Bjerke (Stylist & Pose Expert) and me Benjamas Pluma.

It's wonderful seeing women investing in their personal brand. I remember when I got my first personal branding photos, it helped made my business skyrocket, so I cannot say enough, how important it is to invest in great photography + strategy.

1 year ago me and Marie-Therese Karlberg packaged and strategized this photoshoot concept to help influencers, leaders and entrepreneurs get outstanding photos and dominate online.

I invited my VIP customers to get their personal brand images done, so we can optimize and faster up the positioning strategy online!

Image from left: Fiddeli Kluge (Entrepreneur & Owner of Time Out Studio), Patricia Chiriboga Strand (Relationship Expert & Founder of Evolutivas Love & Relationship Coaching Agency) and me, Benjamas Pluma.

Image from left: Mia Lindh (Entrepreneur & Founder of Soul Biz Woman Online Office) and me, Benjamas Pluma.

It was so professional - top notch service. We felt like rockstars today. Feel so honored and so thankful for this day.

Image from left: Me, Benjamas Pluma and Katja Goeller (Entrepreneur & Founder of Swedens first honey subscription home delivery Rebel Honey).

What a fantastic day. We're so thrilled we could meet up IRL!

Image from left: Carina Mannberg (Serial Entrepreneur & Founder of Spendida Beauty and Splendida Home Care) and me, Benjamas Pluma.

Me & Akram took photos for our new upcoming podcast. Can't wait to launch it.

Image from left: Akram Khammari and me, Benjamas Pluma.

Updated: Mar 18

This month I've had amazing meetings with wonderful and so empowering women.

Awesome customers (female kickass entrepreneurs) .

Adventurous Female Businesses Owners.

Brave Female Authors.

Generous Female Experts.

Fantastic Female Partners.

Little did I know how much I have been isolating myself from fantastic people. OMG. To all powerful women out there. This is a big shout out!

Stop isolating yourself.

Reach out.


Don't talk business.

Get to know eachothers souls, hearts and journeys.

Be present.

Listen with your heart and you will never get bored.

Because. Sisters! We need eachother. ❤️


Are you a mom or an female entrepreneur? 


I have created a special business school just for you because I stand for that every family in the world has a financial free and happy female business owner "in house". 


-Benjamas Pluma, Founder of Ladylegend Media

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